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Mouse Pad Styles and Materials

Welcome To The Largest Selection Of Custom Printed Mouse Pads On The Planet!

Mouse Pad Materials Guide

There are two basic types of mouse pads — fabric surface and hard surface. Fabric pads, such as our Origin'L Fabric® and SoftTouch® have a soft polyester surface. Hard surface pads like our Vynex®, ReTreads™, BarelyThere™, and Window/Photo pads have a textured polymer surface.

Origin'L Fabric® is the industry standard and our most popular fabric surface.

SoftTouch® is a luxurious, plush fabric surface. This irresistibly plush surface demands attention and creates unforgettable promotions.

Heavy Duty Rubber is a durable natural open cell rubber base material for all of our fabric mouse pads. Available thicknesses are 1.5mm(~1/16"), 3mm(~1/8"), 4.5mm(~3/16") & 6mm(~1/4").

1.5mm(~1/16"), 3mm(~1/8"), 4.5mm(~3/16") & 6mm(~1/4")

6"x8" – 7.5"x8" – 7.5"x8.5" – 8"x9.5"
8" Round – 3.6" Coasters
More Stock Shapes are available.
Custom shapes and sizes welcomed.

Dye Sublimation

Vynex® surface provides a durable and economical textured matte finish.

Heavy Duty Rubber is a durable natural open cell rubber base material and our most popular option. Available thicknesses are 1.5mm(~1/16"), 3mm(~1/8"), & 6mm(~1/4").
ReTreads™ Recycled Rubber is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material (reground tires saved from landfills). It is Latex-Free (contains SBR - Synthetic Rubber) and 15% heavier than our 3mm Heavy Duty rubber. ~2mm thick.
Medium Duty Base is an economical closed cell latex-free natural rubber base material that is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Rubber base. Available thicknesses are 1.5mm(~1/16") & 3mm(~1/8").
Barely There™ is an economical thin, lightweight, non-slip base material. At only .020" thick, BarelyThere™ mouse pads are great for promotional mailings or inserts.

.020", 1.5mm(~1/16"), 2mm, 3mm(~1/8"), & 6mm(~1/4")

6"x8" – 7.5"x8" – 7.5"x8.5" – 8"x9.5"
8" Round – 3.6" Coasters
More Stock Shapes are available. Custom shapes and sizes welcomed.

IMPRINT METHOD: Offset Lithography

VYNEX® - Your standard, quality hard surface mouse pad. Some products are so well received they become a timeless standard. Our Vynex® surface mouse pad is one of them. Vynex® hard surface mouse pads present your image in brilliant detail and protect your promotional message under a durable surface creating impressive, long-lasting promotions.

Fabric / Cloth Top - Back to basics with fabric pads. What "Basic Black" is to fashion, Origin'L Fabric™ is to mouse pads - a reliable performer good for any occasion. With Origin'L Fabric™, your promotion is "dressed for success".

Xtra-Lite - Thin, economical hard surface. Our 1/32" thick vinyl surface pad is lightweight and provides excellent image resolution. Available in spot color and full color printing. Pad is secured with a durable non-skip base.

Barely There™ - Thin, economical hard surface. Great for mailable promotions or projects on a lean budget, Barely There™ is lightweight and economical, yet still delivers the big impact your promotional message requires.

Slide-Thru™ Pocket mouse pads - Creativity is key with our pocket-style pad. This is our most versatile window/photo mouse pad yet. It offers the most flexibility in window size & shape, window placement, and even allows multiple windows. So, get creative and build a personal promotion your customers will enjoy and use.

See-Thru™ - Lift-top mouse pads - Make room for success! The See-Thru™ lift-top mouse pad offers the most personal space of any of our window style pads. There is ample room to slide calendars, references, keepsakes, schedules, reminders, pictures, lists or any other useful information under the durable lift-top cover - all displayed beneath your special message.

Frame-It™ - Window mouse pads - A Window of Opportunity. Whether it's a picture of a loved one, or some important information, the Frame-It™ window mouse pad encourages users to personalize your mouse pad promotion. This added personal touch turns your promotion into a keepsake giving your message the opportunity to be seen for a long time.

Frame-It™ Plus Window mouse pads - Something's in the Window. Get all the promotional impact of a window mouse pad plus something in the window. The unique construction of Frame-It™ Plus allows you to print all of the image area, including the window.

Blank Stock Window & Lift-top Mouse Pads In a Hurry? Whether you are faced with a tight deadline or just want something simple, our stock Frame-It Window/Photo Mouse Pads and See-Thru Lift-top Mouse Pads are the answer.

MousePaper™ Note Paper mouse pads - Double Exposure. Capture prime desktop advertising space with a mouse pad that doubles as a note pad. Your marketing message is printed on each sheet, giving you the full promotional exposure of both a mouse pad and a note pad.

MousePaper™ Calendars Note Paper mouse pad calendars - Triple Value Promotion. MousePaper™ Calendars combine the promotional benefits of a calendar, note paper, and a mouse pad creating an effective multifunctional desktop tool.

Lenticular 3-D, Motion & Morph mouse pads - The 'WOW' Factor! Increase the 'WOW' Factor of any promotion by literally adding another dimension. Promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D. Clients will be mesmerized as your message comes to life through these lenticular processes increasing the impact of your promotional message.

Window Lenticular 3-D & Flip Window mouse pads - More 'WOW'! What do you get when you combine Lenticular 'WOW' with the personalization feature of a Slide-Thru™? Our NEW Lenticular Slide-Thru™ Pocket Mouse Pad! Flip from a full pad image to a clear window or add 3-D elements that seem to float over the window to create a promotional keepsake your customers will use for a long time.

Combo Pad Combine a custom printed high-quality mousepad with an ergonomic foam wrist rest. The pad is pre-formed to include the mousepad and wrist rest all as one piece.

Calculator mouse pads - Shapely Impressions Add Impact. Enhance virtually any shape of mouse pad with a GO+FIGURE® calculator creating a valuable "dual-function" promotion. And traditional tray calculators add up to a great promotion no matter how you figure it.

Coasters - Everyone's Thirsty! What is almost as common on a desk as a computer? A drink - water, coffee & soda, that is! Take full advantage of this promotional opportunity with our colorful coasters that really show off your logo and marketing message. Create a personal coaster promotion by adding a business card or small photo window to a Slide-Thru™ Coaster. Great for catered events and business meetings.

Liquid Pads A water-glycerine-filled liquid-bag is intricately sealed between the vinyl layers of the pad. Up to three different non-mixing, non-toxic, colored liquid layers can be used.

Peel & Place A thin, economical hard surface mouse pad that is printed on a unique non-slip base. This repositionable pad is thin and lightweight, reducing overall cost.

Peel & Flip Place your own photos, calendars, notes, etc. under the protective liftable clear See-Thru surface. Top banner sticks to your desk or countertop and is very durable.

Gel Pads Mousepads and wrist rests with silicon gel-filled support offer comfort and functionality. The gel inside the pad molds to the shape of your wrist for maximum effectiveness. These ultra-comfortable pads combines a custom printed high-quality mousepad with an ergonomic gel-filled wrist rest. Available in soft-top Lycra covered pads or clear translucent cover.

Poly Gloss These super smooth surface pads provide super clear photographic quality imaging with an eye-catching shine. Images seem to jump off the pad in almost 3-D fashion.

Economy Matte Economy Hard Top Mousepads provide a razor sharp image, sealing it between an ever sturdy rubber base and a hard, clear, lightly textured vinyl top.

Foam Base Economy Foam Mousepads are lightweight and budget friendly. Great for short term promotions. Available on hard top surface mousepads only.

Foam Pads Our Foam Mousepads are made from either 1/8" or 1/4" EVA foam. Available in a large selection of colors. TWO SIDED PRINTING AVAILABLE! LATEX-FREE! A great lightweight and colorful promotion!

Medium Duty Base Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base Mousepads provide the perfect "medium" priced and durability solution. Still lightweight but more durable than economy foam base pads. Available on hard top surface mousepads only.

MicroThin™ This low profile pad is only .015 inches thick and weighs less than one ounce. Exclusive patented nonskid capability. Blends in with your desk and provides high-quality image resolution for your company logo and ad message.

Circuit Boards Circuit Board Mousepads feature a special patented micro-structured surface which provides unparalleled tracking and precision mouse control. All are made from reclaimed, recycled circuit boards. Ask about custom shapes and sizes.

Recycled Mouse Pads Recycled soft top and hard surface mousepads. Some styles use recycled tire rubber, some include post-consumer and post-industrial rubber.

Quicklook Pads Based on the patented SeeThru™ Mousepad design, Quicklook Mousepads offer an inexpensive non-imprint alternative.

Leather Handsome, durable "Athenian" faux leather survace adds sophistication and elegance to discerning desktops. Available in black Cabretta, glossy Cordovan, and tan Suede. Our new debossed Leather Mouse Mats™ provide the ultimate executive gifts.

Ergonomic Mousepads Work and computer related injuries due to repetitive stress on muscles and joints is a serious problem for today's computer users. By using our ergonomic mousepad products in conjunction with a comprehensive ergonomic approach to your workstation, you can minimize the harmful effects of tedious computer work. Available in foam and gel.

2X Mousepads Double / Double your ad impact with Two Sided Printing on our 2X Mousepads and Countermats. provide a different look and feel to your computer accessory. They are extremely versatile and can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Your artwork is printed on BOTH sides of the mat, doubling the value of your promotional dollars.

Latex Free Mousepads Latex free synthetic mousepads pads are necessary equipment in hospitals and medical facilities. They will protect health care workers and patients suffering from latex allergies. Latex Free Mousepads make great health care promotional products or can be purchased in stock blank colors and shapes.

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Mousepads Sanitary Anti-Microbial Surface Mouse Pads help protect from baterial diseases. Great for schools, hospitals, and all health care facilities.

Mouse Rugs A fabric mousepad made from woven rug fibers. Four different types of promotional MouseRugs are available.

MagPad This is the ultimate in magazine insert mousepad technology with the lowest price on the market. Features include a non-adhesive backing, machine insertable, and an exclusive tab for perfect binding. - Building A Better Mousepad

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