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MouseRug Mousepads

Custom MouseRug Design Choices

In terms of promotional impact or CPV (Cost Per View) customers understand why the MouseRug is the least expensive mouse pad in the industry.

That's because MouseRugs are the only mouse pad people tend to KEEP--rather than throwing away, giving away to children, or tucking away in a bottom drawer. MouseRugs are coveted items, kept and viewed for many years, and that's why they are the least expensive mouse pad in the business in terms of "cost per view".

Four different types of promotional MouseRugs are available:

Stock-Design Name Drop Certain designs from the Stock MouseRug Collection are available for name drop customization. Your company's graphic can be embedded into stock designs.
Stock-Design Name Drop

Full Custom Design

These image are either furnished by you from furnished design elements orcustom developed from scratch.

Full Custom Design

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging can include printing a special "belly band" wrapper or enclosing the MouseRug in a custom designed card-stock gift envelope.

Custom Packaging

Custom Back-Printed Image

A one-color white pad-printed image is customized with the promotional information or design to be a permanent part of the finished product without interfering with the MouseRug design on top.

Custom Back-Printed Image
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