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Ergonomic Mouse Pads and Wrist Rests

Work and computer related injuries due to repetitive stress on muscles and joints (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) is a serious problem for today's computer users. By using our ergonomic mousepad products in conjunction with a comprehensive ergonomic approach to your workstation, you can minimize the harmful effects of tedious computer work. offers the largest selection of ergonomic mouse pad options, including the Ergo Mat, Memory Foam Pads, Combo Pads, Graphic Flow Pads, Lap Pads, Wrist Rests, and Gel Filled Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests.

Ergo Mats

Ergo Mat Ergonomic Mouse PadA revolution in mouse pad design! Made completely of memory foam, the Ergo-Mat's downward sloping platform encourages a natural downward angle of the wrist and arm. The most ideal mouse pad for ERGONOMIC WORKSTATIONS.


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Memory Foam Pads

Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse PadSink slowly into natural comfort with the newest innovation in Mouse Mats. The space-age technology of memory foam will cradle your wrist in comfort, while giving ergonomic wrist support. Made from Memory Foam with a Lycra surface.


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Combo Pads

Combo MousepadThis combination of mousepad and wrist rest provides an inexpensive, yet highly effective, ergonomic support. Pads can be custom printed with ergonomic use instructions, company logos, or promotional ads. Our Combo Pads give you plenty of room to get your message across, right at the user's fingertips. Made from heavy duty mousepad rubber with a polyester surface.


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Graphic Flow®

Graphic Flow MousepadOur Graphic Flow® option is a comfortable, single piece mousepad and wrist rest combination. Promotional graphics and messages come to life as they “flow” from wrist support to mousepad for a powerful, seamless presentation. Graphic Flow® Mousepads with foam wrist supports offer comfort and functionality all rolled into one economically priced pad.


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Lap Pad

Lap Pad MousepadThe Lap Pad is an innovative approach to reducing repetive stress injuries. The mousepad fits comfortable on your workstation, lap, armrest, or any where else you care to put it. Allows your pad to be placed in a more natural position. Great for computer users with physical challenges to using more conventional workstations.


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Wrist Rests

Wrist RestTalk about comfort! Our extra-thick Wrist Rests are extra soft. They feature vibrant, color sublimation printing on our strong fabric top with a non-skip rubber base. As comfortable as they are functional, our Wrist Rest is a perfect compliment to any of our mousepads, and another subtle way to get your message across. Available in several sizes and shapes.

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Gel Pads

Jelly Wrist PillowGel Pads provide ergonomic comfort and support. Available in combo mouse pad / wrist rest, gel wrist pad, gel wrist rest, jelly wirst pillow, Lycra gel wrist pillow, and moongel options. Your company logo and ad message will be working where computer users work!

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