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PhotoPads - Photo Window Insert Mouse Pads

For an extra personal touch, you can't beat our PhotoPads. Our Quicklook See-Thru, Frame-It™, Frame-It™ PLUS, Frame-It™ LIFT, Frame-It™ FLEX, Economy Photo Window, and Pocket Mat mouse pads allow users to personalize their pads using their own photographs. Just insert any photograph under the mousepad's cover. Our durable clear cover Vynex™ and Economy Matte pads insure years of pleasurable use. These mouse pads make a great personalized gift. Keep the photograph of your wife, husband, baby, pet, or favorite vacation spot right at your fingertips! Add your custom printed company logo and ad message for extra effective desktop advertising.

Quicklook Pad

Quicklook See-Thru MousepadComputer users will find the Quicklook Mousepad extremely useful near any workstation. Photographs, charts, instructions, etc. are conveniently located at the user's fingertips. Removable inserts can be easily and quickly updated with the latest photos. Special see-through clear plastic Vynex™ cover lifts up for easy changing of inserts and unlimited flexibility. Its a document holder for your desktop!

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Frame-It™ Pad

Frame-It MousepadSurround any photo or promotional message with a clear, bright logo using our Frame-It™ Mousepad. The hard-top surface protects while letting you see what your pad has to offer. Change the photo insert as often as you like through the back slot. A great gift idea, especially for the holidays. Our Frame-It Pad makes a perfect picture every time.

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Frame-It™ PLUS

Frame-It Plus Window Mouse PadFrame-It™ PLUS Mouse Pads increase the attention your message receives by encouraging recipients to customize your mousepad. Users place photographs, notes, instruction sheets, etc., into the protective window, framed by your promotional message. Unlike original Frame-It™ mousepads, Frame-It™ PLUS enables you to also print inside the window delivering your special message when the personal content is changed.

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Frame-It™ LIFT

Frame-It Lift Mouse PadThis is the original, patented Frame-It™ LIFT Pad! Computer users will find the original Frame-It™ LIFT Mouse Pad extremely useful near any workstation. Advertising material, instructions on navigating software, training guides, shortcuts, photos, etc. are conveniently located at the user's fingertips. The Frame-It LIFT™ Mouse Pad is attractive, yet functional, and it does not waste valuable desktop space. Its uses are limited only by the user's imagination.

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Frame-It™ FLEX

Frame-It FLEX Mouse PadCreativity is key with our pocket-style Frame-It™ FLEX / Window Photo Mouse Pads. This is our most versatile window/photo mouse pad yet. It offers the most flexibility in window size & shape, window placement, and even allows multiple windows. So, get creative and build a personal promotion your customers will enjoy and use. Also available in coaster sizes.

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Economy Window Pad

Economy Photo Window PadOur Economy Photo Window Mousepad perfectly frames your photographs under a durable clear cover, at a price you will love. Opening in rubber backing provides easy access for your photo. Keep pictures of loved ones on your desktop. It is durable, low profile, as well as lightweight. Easily loads and holds a 6"W x 4"H photo. The top surface is a scratch resistant clear vinyl, surface pad-printed, sealed to a non-skid base. Blank and custom printed versions available.


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Photo Mats

Pocket Mat MousepadPhoto Mats offer a light-weight and budget friendly photo insert mousepad. For larger photographs and documents, our quality vinyl Pocket Photo Mat™ is an attractive solution. Sealed on three sides, one edge is left open for insertion of a photo, calendar, sales sheet, or other insert. It is durable, low profile, as well as lightweight.

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Slide-Thru MousepadGet the ultimate flexibility with our Slide-Thru™ Photo Frame Mousepads. Sealed on three sides, one edge is left open for insertion of a photo, calendar, sales sheet, or other insert. It is durable, low profile, as well as lightweight. Choose from your choice of rubber, vinyl, or super thin backings.

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Sports Photo Pad

Sports MousepadsPut a photo of your favorite player or team member on your desktop with the new Sports Pad.


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Liquid Photo Pads

Liquid Filled Photoframe Mouse PadLiquid filled gallery mousepads with pocket for 4" x 6" photograph.

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Blank Photo Pads

Blank Photo Frame MousepadsIn a hurry? Whether you are faced with a tight deadline or just want something simple, our stock printed styles or blank Frame-It™ Window/Photo Mouse Pads and See-Thru™ Lift-top Mouse Pads are the answer.


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Custom Pads

Custom Printed MousepadOur engineers break through the boundaries of conventional mousepad design. With our state-of-the-art printing facilities, we can custom design your pad in any size, shape, and color combination. The only boundaries are your imagination.

Pricing | Order Now - Building A Better Mousepad Mousepad advertising is always on, 24/7, right at the fingertips of computer and Internet users. Put your ad message where it will get the highest visibility. Call or e-mail for details.

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