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Latex free synthetic mousepads pads are necessary equipment in hospitals and medical facilities. They will protect health care workers and patients suffering from latex allergies. Latex Free Mousepads make great health care promotional products or can be purchased in stock blank colors and shapes. Designed for use in hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies and pharmacutical companies, health care nursing homes, and any medical or health care environment where latex allergies are a potential hazard. Also useful in school classrooms and computer labs where children with latex allergies might come in contact with dry natural latex rubber (DNR) pads. Our line of Latex Free Mousepads includes the Medium Duty Foam Base, Soft Top Foam Base, Peel & Place®, MicroThin™, Slimline Mousepad™, Peel&Flip™, and Mouse Paper™. Please note that we do not offer retail sales of these products. Most items require a minimum order of 100 pads. Latex free countermats are also available. is an industry leader in the design of innovative mousepad solutions.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and foreign markets. With state-of-the-art printing facilities, we are able to produce customized pads to meet your exact size, color, and shape requirements. As well as offering the widest variety of stock mousepads, we can create pads in virtually any shape and style.

We want to be your mousepad company. Our goal is to provide you with the most innovative designs at the lowest possible cost. is an industry leader in the sale of Latex Free Mousepads, Mouse Pads for Latex Allergies, health care promotional products, hospital mouse pads, hypoallergenic mousepads and computer products, latex free computer products, promotional products for doctors pharmacuticals hospitals health care nursing homes, non latex mouse pads, latex free countermats, non latex counter mats, Medium Duty Foam Base mousepad, Peel and Place, MicroThin, Micro Thin, Slimline Mousepad, Peel&Flip mousepads, and Mouse Paper, Latex Allergy, latex rubber or natural latex allergy, allergic reaction, hypersensitivity reactions, Latex Allergy, allergy to latex is an industry leader in the design of innovative custom printed mouse pad and counter mat solutions for promotional marketing.

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