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UltraThin Mouse Pads

Ultrathin Mousepads - ultra thin mouse surface, mouse pad mailers, direct mail mouse pads, magazine insert mouse pads Ultra Thin Mouse Pad - Magazine Insert MousepadA mouse pad that inserts into any magazine or envelope.

Durable full-color surface.
Light weight.
Friction Coat Non-Skid backing.
Printable on two sides.

UltraThins provide the Ultimate Mousing Surface for smoother tracking. Super sensative, not scratchy, and with an eggshell hardness, the Ultra Thin mousing surface responds to the very slightest movements of your hand and mouse for unsurpassed mousing precision. The UltraThin practically clings to your desktop, a fast track to smoother mousing.

Easy, low-cost distribution is one of the biggest bonuses of the "better mousetrap." Thinner than a business card, the UltraThin slips into a regular envelope like an ordinary business letter. UltraThins also insert seamlessly between the pages of a magazine like the subscription reply-cards that fall into your lap. It is very simply the most functional, useful, and therefore most valuable device ever to fit between two sheets of paper.

UltraThin mousing surfaces utilize the amazing Friction Coat non-skid backing that eliminates the need for rubber or foam backs. Eliminating rubber and foam from a mouse pad greatly reduces the cost, weight and overall thickness of the product. It would take sixteen (16) UltraThins to equal one of the competitor's 1/4" foam mousepads. And if you've used a foam or rubber mousepad you know it is only a short mattter of time before it starts to wear down. Not UltraThins. There is no laminate to chip or peel. No rubber or foam to attract dust and other atmospheric particles. Should you be placing your expensive computer equipment and your computer mouse next to, or on top of, a dust magnet?

UltraThin Mouse Pads

Thin and lightweight, UltraThins provide a low-profile, nonskid base (no rubber or foam) and are less than 1/64" thick. Available in spot color and full color printing. Custom shapes and sizes available. Ultrathin Mousepads - ultra thin mouse surface, mouse pad mailers, direct mail mouse pads, magazine insert mouse pads

Magazine Insert Mouse Pad


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