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New Mousepads

MousePaper™ Note Paper Mouse Pads — Double Exposure. Capture prime desktop advertising space with a mouse pad that doubles as a note pad. Your marketing message is printed on each sheet, giving you the full promotional exposure of both a mouse pad and a note pad. MousePaper™ Calendars combine the promotional benefits of a calendar, note paper, and a mouse pad creating an effective multifunctional desktop tool.

Memory Foam Combo Pad - Combine a custom printed high-quality mousepad with an ergonomic foam wrist rest. The pad is pre-formed to include the mousepad and wrist rest all as one piece.

Liquid Pads - A water-glycerine-filled liquid-bag is intricately sealed between the vinyl layers of the pad. Up to three different non-mixing, non-toxic, colored liquid layers can be used.

Gel Pads Mousepads and wrist rests with silicon gel-filled support offer comfort and functionality. The gel inside the pad molds to the shape of your wrist for maximum effectiveness. These ultra-comfortable pads combines a custom printed high-quality mousepad with an ergonomic gel-filled wrist rest. Available in soft-top Lycra covered pads or clear translucent cover.

Ergonomic Mousepads - Work and computer related injuries due to repetitive stress on muscles and joints is a serious problem for today's computer users. By using our ergonomic mousepad products in conjunction with a comprehensive ergonomic approach to your workstation, you can minimize the harmful effects of tedious computer work. Available in foam and gel.

Latex Free Mousepads - Latex free synthetic mousepads pads are necessary equipment in hospitals and medical facilities. They will protect health care workers and patients suffering from latex allergies. Latex Free Mousepads make great health care promotional products or can be purchased in stock blank colors and shapes.

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Mousepads - Sanitary Anti-Microbial Surface Mouse Pads help protect from baterial diseases. Great for schools, hospitals, and all health care facilities.

New Mousepads

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