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Hard Top Countermats

VYNEX® Surface Your standard, quality hard surface countermat. Some products are so well received they become a timeless standard. Our Vynex® surface mouse pad is one of them. Vynex® hard surface mouse pads present your image in brilliant detail and protect your promotional message under a durable surface creating impressive, long-lasting promotions.

Sealed Edge Counter Mats are one of our MOST DURABLE pads! Air-tight and waterproof, these mats work great in heavy traffic areas like automotive and hardware stores, heavy equipment shops, beverage dealers, and restaurants. The scratch resistant polyethylene surface can stand up to the toughest beating. Available in foam, rubber, or lo-tac backings.

Foam Base Counter Mats bring your ad message right where the action is! These foam-base mats often offer a less expensive alternative to rubber or vinyl based products. Foam is a lightweight, practical, and cost-effective promotional solution.

Medium Duty Foam Rubber Base is up to 55% lighter than our standard Heavy Duty Base rubber. Save up to 29% on the product cost and up to 55% on shipping and handling, without sacrificing quality.

Molded Vinyl Bar Mats are an affordable way to captivate your target audience. Our new multi-colored, rubberized MOLDED VINYL COUNTERMATS are the most durable and water-proof countermats around. Product selection includes runner mats as long as 10 feet, Chang'ble Mats™ that allow the advertisement to be changed as needed, mats with multiple windows, and countermats that incorporate photo quality graphics. All MOLDED VINYL MATS are manufactured using a proprietary formula to produce a tough, rubberized vinyl with all the colors molded in... NOT painted or printed. And we can match virtually any color.

Dry-Erase Mats™ combine the functionality of a mousepad/countermat with a dry erase board. Various surface options and backings are available. Customized board and eraser can be customized to fit any logo or design. Optional cork strips are available to hold messages or serve as a coaster.

2X Countermats Double / Double your ad impact with Two Sided Printing on our 2X Mousepads and Countermats. provide a different look and feel to your computer accessory. They are extremely versatile and can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. Your artwork is printed on BOTH sides of the mat, doubling the value of your promotional dollars.

Hard Top Countermats

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