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SoftTop Mousepads

Fabric / Cloth Top — Back to basics with fabric pads. What "Basic Black" is to fashion, Origin'L Fabric™ is to mouse pads – a reliable performer good for any occasion. With Origin'L Fabric™, your promotion is "dressed for success".

SoftTouch® — It's plush – some call it luxurious. If you have ever picked up a fresh, ripe peach or curled up by the fire in flannel pajamas then you're already familiar with the SoftTouch® surface sensation. For a luxurious feel, SoftTouch's irresistibly plush surface demands attention and creates unforgettable promotions.

Recycled Mouse Pads - Recycled soft top and hard surface mousepads. Some styles use recycled tire rubber, some include post-consumer and post-industrial rubber.

Leather - Handsome, durable "Athenian" faux leather survace adds sophistication and elegance to discerning desktops. Available in black Cabretta, glossy Cordovan, and tan Suede. Our new debossed Leather Mouse Mats™ provide the ultimate executive gifts.

Fabric Mousepads

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