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Liquid Filled Mouse Pads

For the ultimate in eye-catching appeal, try our incredible Liquid-Filled Mousepads. A water-glycerine-filled liquid-bag is intricately sealed between the vinyl layers of the pad. Up to three different non-mixing, non-toxic, colored liquid layers can be used. The double-sealing technique insures maximum durability and long-lasting protection. Liquid colors available include red, yellow, blue, green, clear, and orange. Your logo, image, or promotional message can be printed above or underneath the liquid. Both silk-screening and offset printing are available. Glitters and floaters (with your logo imprint or custom designed image) can be added for special effect. And, check our our new Liquid Filled Photo Frame Mousepad!

Simple Liquid Filled Pads

Liquid Filled MousepadPrinting is done on the reverse side of the clear surface, which guarantees protection and durablity. Fragrance can be added onto the mousepad. The fragrance is micro-encapsulated and contains slow releasing agents which can last up to 18 months.

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Designer Floater Pads

Designer Floater Glitter MousepadsUsing a variety of printing methods, we can design unique advertising effects. Adding floaters to your Liquid Filled Pad provides motion and added appeal. Choose from a variety of standard floater shapes. Custom shaped floaters are also available. For extra eye-catching appeal, add sparkle to your mousepads with a splash of glitter.

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Magic Photo Pads

MAGIC Color Printed Liquid MousepadsFor the ultimate effect, photographic 4-color process printing is available on our Liquid Filled Mousepads. Combined with floaters and glitter, you can make your mousepad message stand out above the crowd. Make your message one your customers will never forget. It's magic!

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Photo Frame Pads

Liquid Filled Photo Frame Mouse PadNot your typical photo frame! Liquid filled mouse pads with pocket for 4" x 6" photograph add a unique effect to your personalized marketing campaign. Keep your favorite photographs right at your fingertips. With a clear, bright logo and message printed on the surrounding frame, our Liquid Filled Photo Frame Mouse Pad allows you to slide a slice of your personal life underneath the clear, anti-static window. Great for photographers, as a gift, or as a promotional item.

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Color Plus Pads

Color Plus Liquid Mousepad With Non-Mixing LiquidsFor extra impact and appeal, our Color Plus Pads are just the ticket. Two different colored liquids, which do not mix, show off your company's advertising message in a unique way. Liquids available in a variety of colors. Four color process printing available. This is the mousepad your clients will be talking about!

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Lily Padz™

Lily Padz Liquid MousepadLily Padz™ Liquid Motion Mousepads over a fantastic variety of shapes and sizes. Add floaters, glitter, and sparkle to your desktop advertising with Lily Padz™.

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Custom Liquid Filled Products

Aqua Mouse, Liquid Filled Key Chains, Liquid Filled Promotional ProductsSee our full line of Liquid Filled Promotional Products. Custom liquid-filled deskmats, CD cases, binders, postcards, calendars, and key rings are also available. The only boundaries are your imagination.

Pricing | Order Now - Building A Better Mousepad Mousepad advertising is always on, 24/7, right at the fingertips of computer and Internet users. Put your ad message where it will get the highest visibility. Call or e-mail for details.

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